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Northwards offers logistics solutions and other value added services that can make your business more successful

We are hands on, combining authentic, local market insight, with a comprehensive modern fleet and team of industry experts, consistently delivering powerful results for you.

Helping our customers deliver on the things that matter, making real, positive contributions to everyday lives, local communities and the environment.

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For customers across a range of market sectors throughout Scotland and beyond

Strategically located logistics hubs in Scotland with access to the vessels and European terminals of its parent company, Sea-Cargo.

Dynamic, Responsive, Reliable and Innovative – Trusted Collaboration.

Northwards announces £1.5 million investment and unveils new brand

Northwards announces £1.5 million investment and unveils new brand

Northwards has announced that it is investing £1.5 million in new vehicles this year, including six new tractor units delivered to Aberdeen.