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In the unfortunate event that your goods have been damaged, possibly whilst being carried or stored by Northwards, the following steps must be taken for your claim to be processed.

1. Notify your own insurer

They may allow you to claim on your policy. Your insurer will then claim from Northwards. This may mean that you get your settlement sooner.

2. Mitigate any further losses

3. Notify Northwards

Use our online claims form, accessible via the link below to provide the following information:

a. Type of Goods / Property
b. Nature of damage
c. Job Number
d. Date of Loss
e. Why you are holding Northwards responsible for the loss/damage.
f. Clear photographs of the damage – it is useful if these show the location and are time stamped.

4. Once your claim is acknowledged

You will also be asked to provide the following information/documents:-

a. The value of the goods
b. The repair cost if applicable
c. A signed proof of delivery or collection

  • The goods must be available for inspection by Northwards or their representatives.
  • Supporting documentation to substantiate quoted value/costs must be provided.
  • Unless enhanced cover has been arranged prior to shipment, any settlement will be subject to RHA Conditions of Carriage 2009 and/or RHA Conditions of Storage 2009. This means that any offer you receive is likely to be based on the weight of the goods rather than monetary value. This in turn could mean that you receive much less than the value of the goods/cost of repair.

Northwards will endeavour to:

  • Acknowledge your claim within 5 working days.
  • Settle your claim in an efficient manner.