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Northwards move to create new jobs in Inverness

November 20, 2020

The freight and haulage company Northwards is moving to a new depot in Inverness which will more than double its warehouse space, increase its fleet, and create new jobs in the city.

The move, which will take place on Monday 30 November, is a significant development for the company. Regional manager, Michael Foubister, commented: “The new premises at Harbour Road will give us much greater capacity – from the 300 square metres of our old premises at Carsegate Road, we will now enjoy 800 square metres in our new location.

“As well as more than doubling our warehouse space, we are updating the facilities for our staff and increasing our fleet. This will create four more jobs in the Inverness operation.

“The new location provides better access for our drivers to the A9 north and south bound, while also being convenient for deliveries into the depot.”

Northwards, which operates a twice daily service from Inverness to Caithness and Orkney, also has depots in Shetland, Orkney, Aberdeen, Scrabster and Glasgow. It is expanding its logistics to create efficiencies and drive new business and has recently introduced multi-functional trailers for refrigerated and ambient deliveries. The expansion in Inverness further contributes to the positive growth of the company.

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